By chen jinguo

  China National Petroleum Corporation, one of the largest oil companies in the world, is a longtime participant in the petroleum industry and a witness to how human history has been propelled by figuring out how to get the “prime mover” of the last century — energy — and its major source: oil.

  CNPC has borne those moments in mind: our predecessors caught the flickering of a candle flame made of oil; oil poured out of a spout from Edwin Drake’s original 1859 well in Pennsylvania, United States; British scientist Joseph Needham touched by the ground breaking oil extraction technology in China.

  Today, CNPC is gearing up for new chapters, to make its own history.

  The past four decades of reform and opening-up in China has seen dramatic changes in China and made China the world’s second largest economy.

  China has also put forward the important vision of creating a community of a shared future for mankind, of which energy is an important component.

  Together with other energy giants, CNPC is now facing invaluable opportunities to find new sources of growth, expand the scope of cooperation and achieve higher-standard development.

  CNPC has successfully carried out a series of reforms: a framework for the group-level market economic system was setup; management processes and streamlining of organizational structure were completed.

  Chinese enterprises participated in the allocation of international oil and gas resources; the scale of the petroleum industry leapfrogged; technical levels have been among the highest in the world, and a number of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises with global competitiveness have been cultivated.

  The “Petroleum Spirit” is taking shape. In 25 years of development, CNPC embarked on adventures in five overseas oil and gas cooperation regions, four crossborder oil and gas channels and three overseas oil and gas operation centers.

  These moves help form a network of oil and gas imports and exports from all directions and make China’s presence felt in the international oil landscape.

  This November, President Xi called for efforts to deepen reforms at the opening ceremony of the First China International Import Expo by saying:“The last four decades of reform and opening-up in China have been an epic journey for the Chinese people.

  “With determination and through self-reliance and hard work, we have forged ahead on the road to national development and progress.

  “I have made it clear once and again that China’s door will never be closed. It will only open still wider.”

  To echo President Xi’s appeal, CNPC has been actively and productively involved in the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative and in developing its international oil and gas services.

  With a strong commitment to being a world-class energy corporation, CNPC is taking a holistic approach in stabilizing growth, promoting reforms, shoring up weak points, mitigating risks and increasing profits as well as improving its corporate image.

  The company will continue its journey overseas.

  “The company will be a leader in high-quality development, afront-runner in international business, a pioneer in regional integration, a main engine for the B&R and a brand promoter,”according to a CNPC official.


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